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Other projects with Morticians members:

Eternity Range is a dark wave project featuring both Andreas Rimheden and Marie Hagelqvist, inspired by things like QNTAL and Within Temptation:

Nervkållaps is an old cult band that has been a side project of Morticians from the days of the Thpfft! demo, which means: "for a very very long time". It is minimal industrial of almost the same kind that Morticians used to do during the mid 90s but with very silly Swedish lyrics.

Folie was first called Aluminium and was then Stefan Thors drum and bass project which later evolved into the jazzy instrumental electronica he makes today. Find out all about Folie here:


Plutonium Distribution was a great Swedish label that tried to save the world by making everyone listen to good music. Check them out:

Electro Aggression Records is a cool Canadian label that is releasing pure electronic, industrial music. Morticians will be appearing on their compilation Old School Electrology vol.1 with an exclusiv track: Art of Pain. Visit their MySpace page here:

Similar artists and sources of inspiration:

Dirk Ivens - the music by Klinik from the early days when Dirk was a member has been one of our greatest influences together with his solo project Dive. The official Dirk Ivens website can be found here:

Skinny Puppy - surely one of the greatest electronic bands of all time. The fact that Andreas and Stefan were both fans of SP was the reason they started Morticians to begin with. The official website is here: