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We are the overlords. We have come to take the world by force. Any resistance is futile!

We came today to rule tomorrow. We lead the way and you will follow.
When we transform into our destined shape, you'll see what you were meant to be.

It's time, it's the right occassion, for complete subordination.
We control, we coordinate, the system that you might call your fate

We demand your obedience!

Mutilation Motivation

Mortal Death

Die like a man. Die with a rifle in your hand. Mortal don't live forever.
Forget all you had. Forget all the things that made you glad or sad. Mortal you praise the darkness.

Fear, pain, agony, pleasure. Mortal you praise the darkness.

Imagine your death. Imagine the way you're gonna lose your breath. Mortal don't live forever.
Forget about love. Forget about heaven. You're below not above. Mortal you praise the darkness.

Convulsion and pain. Dissolvment of body and brain. Mortal don't live forever.
Don't try to remember. Don't try to recall your golden days. Mortal you praise the darkness.


You know there's no excuse for living. Why do you still refuse to give in? Start screaming! We're synchronized.

You're lost not to be found, I'm bloodstained. And still your smothered sound remained, remain disrupted. I change my face.

Knife, slice, cutout doll

Bad, bad, naughty, naughty, shame, shame. You deserve some pain.

(in the original version: Overload, lost, psychic forces. No way, no way, I can't resist. Must, must, life is meaningless. Without the killing)


Time has come you're gonna be a rock'n'roll star. Armed with hate. Your weapon is a loaded guitar. Say that you believe in sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. It's commonly known you like it hot, you like to lose control.

I've come to make you fly. I heard you on the radio.

God can never promise you cash or expensive cars. Only with an evil heart you can hope to ever get far.

I've come to take your soul. I heard you on the radio.

Rest in Pieces

Removed, rejected. No shelter, unprotected. Unborn, deserted. No purpose, it's all perverted. Who wants the truth anyway?

Why should you keep the times you stole when on the whole you're unforgiven?
How can I sleep when you're not dead, you're in my head, you make me lose myself.

Tell me, how do I cry in oblivion? Whispering, echoes of silence. No words, no lies. No tears, emotionless. No sense, no meaning. Disillusioned.

Whye should you keep the times you stole when on the whole you're unforgiven.
How can I sleep when you're not dead, you're in my head, you make me lose myself, my reasons, my ravaged soul.


Admonishing truth, truncated mind, gradual disorder. Do you believe? Distorted, distorted affection. Aggravate this life. Prohibited metabolism. Enter my world. Assassinate adversaries. Purge your crime. What's the purpose? What's the purpose, do you care? Unsaved men, memorized denials. Demonstrates their optical delusions. Repeat, reassemble. Brought to my knees. Worship my devil. Sacrifize. Advanced demands, adjustable defeat. Befoul the beast. Battle commence. These precocious species of human mind. Battle beam, instant death, bury the living.

Mutilation Motivation Extra CD tracks


I'll laugh at you with my grin of contempt. Spit you in your face.
When you're asleep I'm your Freddy Krueger, scratching your back. I'm your paranoia.
Delete, erase, you're a living disgrace. Exterminate you, I have you.

Some feelings don't seem to ever end. I feel like murder. I've got blooddesire.

Look at me I'm your Grim Reaper. I torture, I mame, I kill.
See my sign in your own reflections. I load, I aim, I execute.
No exit, no rescue, nowhere to hide. Exterminate you, I hate you.


Look at you, your body. Big, fat and ugly. Look at you, your face. An insult to the human race. Don't you get it? We don't want you. Go fuck yourself. Trust me, no one shall smile, until the day you're dead.

You're no use to anyone before you push a dagger through your heart. Do yourself and all the world a favour and take you malformed life apart. Spare us your presence.

Look in the mirror, your reflection. As far as possible from perfection. Don't you get it, we don't need you. Go fuck yourself.

(in the original version: Freak, mutant, liar, jerk, son of a bitch. Idiot, schmuck, bastard, stupid, motherfucker. Chickenshit, imbecill, you breed of a one eyed whore. Asslicker, cocksucker, god damned impotent asshole)

Thpfft! We fucked Fifi

Nonoxynol 9

Now, haven't I told you. Life isn't enough. I've lost my need, learning to bleed. I've lost my pride, learning to die.

13 Words

This world is braindead. This world is self colliding. This world is going down.


Hungry eyes are watching Jesus and my revolution always on TV.
And everyone shall burn, and everyone shall bleed, and everyone shall die on TV.

Mr. Monster

Because they're free

Strangers hiding in your closet because they're whole now, because they're free.

Kiss Me I'm a Flower

Am I happy now? Am I happy now? Is this everything? Am I happy now?

Kiss me I'm a flower, kiss me.